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Le Cabinet Carbonys, a wealth management consulting firm, contacted me to "update" their website. However, it turned out that we needed to start from scratch! The point of contact had very specific expectations for the website's design, including scroll animations, animated cards to display positive client reviews, and a sleek design aesthetic. The request emphasized the use of WordPress as the content management system (CMS). In reality, this was likely to address concerns about the cost estimate rather than a genuine preference for the tool itself. Therefore, WordPress was the chosen technology. Client's Request First and foremost, it was necessary to identify the client's requirements and determine the information to be displayed on the website. This involved determining the number of main pages, creating different templates, establishing the overall site ambiance and integrating the visual identity, structuring the site, and incorporating relevant modules. It was decided that the website should exude a modern and sleek design, utilizing the red and midnight blue colors from their brand's color palette. The homepage would feature a banner showcasing a client-selected photograph sourced from a free image bank (CC0). The main pages would include: Home, Our Solutions, News, Simulators, Contact, and Join Our Team....